Tuesday, October 18, 2011

 Washington D.C. is # 2 on my list of places every American should visit.  I was sooo excited to have even a half day to explore it with Mike.
 When in D.C. you must eat from a street vendor,even if it's only a waterdog and bag of pretzels. Besides there is no time to waste ! We have only 4 hours!! One of the stranger things on my Bucket list is . . .To partake in a protest. This would be the ultimate place!

           Thanks Honey for cutting my protest strips   

 Whats a trip to the Big City without street musicians? This man made me tear up with his rendition of God Bless America. After tipping him it was on to steal. . .I mean view The Constitution. For those who may not know National Treasure is one of Mikes favorite movies SO naturally we needed to re enact.
This man brought tears to my eyes
 You used to be able to go up the stairs and right in the front. However after 911 they changed it so now you enter through a side door down and around the side. Should you ever go DO NOT let the line scare you off. It moves pretty fast, it's just that you now go through airport like security. It is all worth the small inconvenience . These are very important items to see. We even tried to get a photo of Mike purchasing a copy in the gift shop like Ben Gates in the movie but. . . VERY strict NO PHOTOS rules.

OK so times a wasting and we have yet to get to the monuments!

All of the Smithsonian's are so beautiful

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shhh don't tell dad I'm making him healthy
Day off!

                                                                                     I had the whole day off so I decided to visit a few of Mike and Lyndseys friends. I started at the newest Whole Foods in Mtka. After finding a parking spot and heading in I was greeted by LOTS! of overly friendly Suits. The store is gorgeous I think I'll like shopping here. Now if they would only build on in MG          

They miss you guys!

 I decided I need some motivation so off to LULU. While they had lots to choose from after trying some tops on I decided a new top would have to be a reward
you mean Yoga will help me look like her?

I did however find a top at Anthro to go with the skirt I'm making
After that I headed to "Hunt and Gather" only to be once again overwhelmed and leave empty handed. I really need to cross that stop off my list.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bemidji and a side trip to Lake Itasca
This is where it all starts.

Late in August we took a trip to Bemidji during our stay at Breezy Point. We hadn't seen Paul [as in Bunyan] in many years. Nor had either of us been to the headwaters in . . .well a long time. So we picked up AJ [lucky him he had no classes that day]and after a quick yet very embarrassing stop to see Paul. We headed into the woods. Just around this corner is a beautiful sight .There is a small river walkway that allows you to cross over the beginning of the Mighty Mississippi. As I stood there I couldn't help but wonder how many of my Elders had done this very thing.

Lake Itasca. . .tap,tap  Mississippi River. . . tap,tap

I'm on top of the world. I mean river. . .

No trip to Bemidji is complete with out stopping to see Paul.
After a couple of times across and at least one trip into the river. We headed off to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. We took the scenic route back through North Bemidji so I could "See the town" Dropped AJ back off and headed south to Breezy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to PA



One of my favorite things about Lyndsey and Mikes neighborhood was all the wonderful doors.

Now being a good Midwestern girl I would never be able to step out of my box and replicate any of these. But I sure do love them and the character they bring to a neighborhood.

This one makes me think of fall and Trick-or-Treaters
 Who doesn't love orange  ?

Duh! forgot to take one of the most important door of all  : (

Yukon (1996-2011)

No matter how hard I tried you worked your way into our hearts.
September 16 20011

I will miss you and all your fluffs of hair. Giigawaabaamin....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time for a visit

Ya I know it has only been 2-2 1/2 months but we were long overdue for hugs. So on Wed 9/21 Mike,myself  Mick and Lori loaded up the Avalanche and headed east. After a quick stop in Hudson to pick up Spotted Cow Beer we hit the road for a looong ride. We estimated it would take 20 hours with stops. Well MaaMaa waits for no one, we arrived two hours ahead of schedual  I could not wait to see Tank. I mean Lyndsey and Mike. After hugs all around we unloaded.

I Love Heath!!

Friday AM Lyndsey needed to go to work for a couple of hours. So she set us free to explore Hershey

AAHH August

Great aunt Jessie 93 3/4 years !

Ok so its time to start this thing. I have lots of inspiration from the girls,I just need to sit down and learn how to do it!!
      August found us scrambling along towards vacation. It's always bittersweet. We have a great  week away but when we get home it's fall : (
 We spent the week at Breezy Point Our first night there we walked down to hear Elvis! Ya a really good Elvis. Sunday was pretty low key Dad left around dinner time so I was on my own for a couple of days. So. . I walked down to hear Johnny Cash! I couldn't figure out if I was in Mn or Nashville.
Monday I left pretty early to head up to Walker for the night to spend time with Great Aunt Jessie. We had a good time laughed lots and told great stories. Ok so I'm not a huge fan of most of my family but this aunt I LOVE!