Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AAHH August

Great aunt Jessie 93 3/4 years !

Ok so its time to start this thing. I have lots of inspiration from the girls,I just need to sit down and learn how to do it!!
      August found us scrambling along towards vacation. It's always bittersweet. We have a great  week away but when we get home it's fall : (
 We spent the week at Breezy Point Our first night there we walked down to hear Elvis! Ya a really good Elvis. Sunday was pretty low key Dad left around dinner time so I was on my own for a couple of days. So. . I walked down to hear Johnny Cash! I couldn't figure out if I was in Mn or Nashville.
Monday I left pretty early to head up to Walker for the night to spend time with Great Aunt Jessie. We had a good time laughed lots and told great stories. Ok so I'm not a huge fan of most of my family but this aunt I LOVE!

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