Tuesday, October 18, 2011

 Washington D.C. is # 2 on my list of places every American should visit.  I was sooo excited to have even a half day to explore it with Mike.
 When in D.C. you must eat from a street vendor,even if it's only a waterdog and bag of pretzels. Besides there is no time to waste ! We have only 4 hours!! One of the stranger things on my Bucket list is . . .To partake in a protest. This would be the ultimate place!

           Thanks Honey for cutting my protest strips   

 Whats a trip to the Big City without street musicians? This man made me tear up with his rendition of God Bless America. After tipping him it was on to steal. . .I mean view The Constitution. For those who may not know National Treasure is one of Mikes favorite movies SO naturally we needed to re enact.
This man brought tears to my eyes
 You used to be able to go up the stairs and right in the front. However after 911 they changed it so now you enter through a side door down and around the side. Should you ever go DO NOT let the line scare you off. It moves pretty fast, it's just that you now go through airport like security. It is all worth the small inconvenience . These are very important items to see. We even tried to get a photo of Mike purchasing a copy in the gift shop like Ben Gates in the movie but. . . VERY strict NO PHOTOS rules.

OK so times a wasting and we have yet to get to the monuments!

All of the Smithsonian's are so beautiful

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